Yr Ardal

Ardal o Harddwch Naturiol Eithriadol, sy’n cynnig y cydbwysedd perffaith rhwng gwaith a bywyd

Chwaraewch y fideo



Mae Gogledd Cymru yn cynnig cydbwysedd rhagorol rhwng gwaith a bywyd gyda’i leoliadau gwledig a threfol. Mae’r Parc Busnes yn agos i Barc Gwledig Eryri ac Ardal o Harddwch Naturiol Eithriadol Bryniau Clwyd, yn ogystal â llu o atyniadau, siopau a chyfleusterau hamdden.


Each Monday to Wednesday in August, customers can enjoy up to £10 off meals and non-alcoholic drinks per person in eligible cafes, pubs and restaurants. #PlanForJobs

If you are restarting your food business take a look at our COVID-19 tool kit to guide you through. From restart checklists to more detailed risk assessment templates, there is something to suit every size and type of business.