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Situated on the St Asaph business park, with over twenty years of experience, Safety Media is widely regarded as a global leader in the field of Health & Safety solutions. Choosing Safety Media will give you access to over 120 health, safety, and compliance e-Learning courses as well as a fully SCORM compliant online portal. Furthermore, Safety Media will provide your employees with the best possible training while benefiting from a range of integrated software solutions.
Making compliance simple is at the very core of Safety Media’s Health and Safety Software which is why our dedicated tools are a must.
The Risk Assessment tools will help you build bespoke risk assessments, comment and act on the assessments, allocate a risk rating and evaluate areas of concern.
The Incident Reporting function will help you log incidents, identify problematic areas for safety and report on the injuries. After the data has been logged you can determine trends with an incident pyramid. All of these benefits make incident management a streamlined process and help managers with their reporting responsibilities.
Safety Media’s Audit module assists in structuring audits across multiple business locations, alerting management if reports haven’t been completed, assigning levels of acceptance and submitting your reports efficiently.
Our Document Management tool will help to prove that official documentation has been acknowledged throughout your organisation. This clever tool can be accessed from any internet enabled device, anywhere in the world for administrators to access in-depth reporting about the Health & Safety status of the organisation.
Investing in Safety Media’s software is the most forward-thinking way in which you can stay on top of your company’s safety obligations. Offering so much more than a simple e-Learning system, you will be amazed by just how much the Safety Media Learning Management System will do to revolutionise Health & Safety in your organisation.
With over 1 million users and customers including Adidas and Aviva, we are sure we can help you meet and exceed your training goals.
Safety Media strives to go above and beyond customer expectations by providing the best courses and the best, built for purpose platform on which to run them.

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