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North Wales Police Driving School


North Wales Police Driving School profile


North Wales is one of the safest places to live in the United Kingdom. Serving a population of 676,000 people and covering an area of 6,300 square kilometres, North Wales Police is a high performing organisation which constantly seeks to improve the service provided to our diverse communities.

With around 1450 Police Officers and 250 Police Community Support Officers along with over 800 staff, we are working hard on our priorities.

Our annual policing priorities reflect those matters considered most important for police attention. They have been determined by listening to public bodies, the communities that we serve and our staff. They are also in line with the Government’s agenda to ‘cut crime’ and reflect the need to deliver good value for money and improve efficiency.

  • Reduce crime and ASB that impacts on our communities
  • Provide a quality of service that delivers confidence within our communities
  • Protect people and reduce harm
  • Promote a well led, organised and skilled workforce