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Menter a Busnes


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We are an independent economic development company set up in 1989 and therefore our delivery is based on 21 years experience!

We operate on several levels including:

  • Designing our own support programmes for businesses, entrepreneurship, skills and innovation development.
  • Delivering business support programmes on behalf of other national and regional organisations.
  • Commercial services for businesses (seeĀ Mabis).
  • Commercial consultancy services for economic development and associated sectors (seeĀ Mabis).


Delivery is the main focus of our work so we therefore work in partnership with a host of other organisations and companies as co-deliverers or sponsors.

Some of our activities are designed in house and we seek the funding directly from European sources or other sponsors. A percentage of our portfolio has been secured through competitive tender and even with these instances we aim to design innovative delivery solutions.

The wide ranges of services and partnerships secure a comprehensive network of contacts throughout Wales and beyond.

We have also developed some commercial services based on our delivery experience. These include marketing and HR services for businesses together with consultancy work in the economic development sector.

All employed staff are bilingual (Welsh/English) and we ensure that our services are delivered bilingually.


The majority of our services are offered on a pan-Wales basis, except for some pilot projects and contracts on behalf of local authorities which are offered in specific geographical areas.

Our commercial services are also offered outside of Wales, mainly within the UK and there is some overseas demand for our expertise too.

We have offices in Holyhead, Bangor, Aberystwyth (head office) and Cardiff, and since many of our programmes call for local knowledge and input several staff members work from home or from other locations.