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GreenThumb has been making lawns look beautiful, lush and weed free for over 26 years and, since launching on the North Wales coast back in 1986, has grown to become Europe’s largest lawn care company, with 220 branches nationwide and a loyal customer base of over 450,000.

GreenThumb was started with the commitment to create a customer-focused business. Today the franchise network covers the whole of the UK, from the Isle of Wight to Inverness in Scotland, and Northern Ireland to Norfolk. The network carries out in excess of 2 million lawn treatments a year, consisting of lawn care programmes and additional beneficial treatments.

The national network of GreenThumb lawn operatives, all fully trained and licensed, treats around 45,000 lawns every week – that is enough grass in a year to stretch to the moon!

Our treatments are extensive, with our prescheduled feed and weed service making the lawns lush and green. Treatments such as aeration and scarification control moss and, using some of the most advanced lawn care products in the world, can also offer protection against periods of dry weather. We can even reduce the number of times you need to cut the lawn. Treatments for diseases and disorders are also available, and customers now have the option of spreading the cost of their treatments over the year, with our brand new Direct Debit programmes.