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UltraScreen™ has recently been launched to provide a completely automatic system for the online detection and reporting of XLPE High Voltage cable geometries, highlighting previously unseen features at semiconductor and insulation boundaries during the manufacturing process.

By ultrasonically scanning at 16 positions around the cable, UltraScreen™ is able to identify features at the outer and inner screen interfaces, as well as within the insulation layer. Eccentricity and Concentricity factors can be determined at any time during the manufacturing run, as well as both short and long term variations in the thickness of each layer.

Built on earlier research work carried out in the UK by a number of industrial and academic partners, UltraScreen is benefitting from recent advances in processing and electronic hardware, software and data storage capacities. The powerful new processing system developed by Acuity incorporates modern front end electronics & operating system software to finally realise the many benefits of the ultrasonic scanning of cables envisaged by the original collaborators.

Combining many years of senior level consultancy work in the development of highly sophisticated data processing algorithms for the military sonar market, the development engineers at Acuity have achieved a remarkable success – to capture and differentiate highly attenuated signal returns from extremely small changes in the speed of sound caused by change of materials at the interfaces and from foreign objects and voids within the bulk insulation material.

Using their vast experience in False Alarm Rejection (FAR) techniques, Acuity are able to provide consistently accurate assessments of cable quality.